Art Overview 



Aims and Objectives

At Devonshire we are committed to offering our pupils a challenging, broad, and exciting Art curriculum which can be differentiated for all learners irrespective of ability.


We aim to…

  • Create high quality art opportunities for all to enjoy discovering and developing skills in Art;

  • Develop imagination, creativity and self confidence;

  • Allow pupils to be involved in their learning, take ownership and be original;

  • Promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;

  • Promote Art within school and the local community;

  • Provide learning opportunities with professional artists, local schools and Arts organisations;

  • Work together as a school to ensure that all children can achieve and succeed.


Our Objectives:

  • Provide quality, dedicated curriculum time to Art across Key stage 1 and 2.

  • To enrich children’s learning in all areas of the curriculum through cross-curricular links to Art.

  • Explore innovative ways for children/young people to express their ideas, using a range of art forms and media.

  • Ensure all staff have opportunities for professional development in Art that inspires their own creativity and keeps them abreast of innovation in Art as well as developments in wider education on an annual basis.




Teaching and Learning

Art lessons are predominantly delivered through topic based activities, in order to make relevant links to other areas of the curriculum.

Teachers use a progressive skills ladder which is based on National Curriculum expectations and ensures that all children are able to produce artwork through five key strands:-

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Printing

  • Textiles and Collage

  • 3D Form

The children are also encouraged to be reflective and analytical, responding to their own and other people’s work (including that of professional/famous artists).


Beyond the curriculum

  • Extra-curricular opportunities are provided for all the children at Devonshire, through various Art and Craft clubs which are organised and run by staff after school.

  • Regular parent and child arts and craft workshops are held to engage and involve parents in their children’s learning experiences.

  • The children are encouraged to take part in many local and national Art competitions and exhibitions including The Young Seasiders, The Grundy Schools Exhibition and projects organised by The Winter Gardens Trust.

  • Artist of the Month – every month, the children are given an artist’s print to display in their classroom, along with some background information about the work or the artist. Through this the children are encouraged to discuss different types of art and their thoughts and feelings about it. All classes have a gallery or artist’s corner dedicated to this and any work that the children produce in response to it.