Physical Education


The teaching of P.E. in Devonshire Primary Academy provides special learning opportunities for our children.  Children learn and develop different skills not only through physical activity but also through the way they learn to co-operate and interact with their peers.  It is the aim of Devonshire Primary Academy to provide comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum for P.E. and to offer a variety of extra-curricular activities via the extended curriculum.

The aim is that the children will learn and develop skills, raise fitness levels and gain confidence in their abilities. In teaching P.E. we aim to: -

  • develop physical co-ordination and confidence;

  • promote the physical and psychological benefits of participation in aerobic activity whilst at school and throughout life;

  • develop artistic and aesthetic appreciation within and through movement;

  • help children develop socially through competition and co-operation between other individuals and groups;

  • promote positive attitudes towards health and physical fitness and an understanding of the biological aspects of the body in relation to fitness and well being. This is closely linked to PSHE lessons.

  • provide equal opportunity for all pupils to reach their full potential, regardless of their race, gender, cultural background or physical ability.

  • Develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills through the experience of physical education.





In both key stage 1 and 2 PE is taught for a minimum of two hours per week. Each year groups is allocated a hall and outdoor time. We cover the six areas of the curriculum including; We cover the six areas of the curriculum including Athletics, Dance, Games (invasion, striking and fielding), Gymnastics, Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Swimming (Year 5). Through the use of the School Sports Premium the school has been able to employ PE specialists and ensure teaching staff receive CPD in order to raise standards of PE delivery across the school.


PE is planned termly using the Lancashire Klips for years 1-6. Teachers ensure that PE caters for a variety of needs and abilities and will indicate this on their planning. When planning we ensure that an even coverage of skills takes place throughout the year as teachers follow a yearly overview of skills given to them in September. Teachers will try their best to link their PE sessions to current topics that they are covering in class. All planning is monitored by the subject leader and PE team.

Foundation stage and Nursery cover physical development through outdoor play and other opportunities such as dance movement. Foundation Stage have a dedicated hall slot where they begin to learn essential skills starting with being able to remove footwear, working with others and being spatially aware of themselves and others. The children also have time to explore and play by throwing, rolling, bouncing, catching, bowling, striking and fielding. Children are also taught to use gymnastics equipment safely and effectively as well as how to roll, balance, jump and travel. Movement is taught through dance where children begin to learn dance actions that they can copy, rehearse and perform as part of a sequence for an audience. During the second part of the year foundation stage have also had delivery from Blackpool School Sport which again has provided staff the CPD opportunities. 

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Health Week                                        


Health Week takes place each year during March and is based around PSHCE with a focus on healthy active lifestyles. The PE co-ordinator works closely with the PSHCE co-ordinator to plan a programme of events to engage and motivate all children to participate in fun and compelling learning experiences. This week ensures that each year group from Nursery to Year 6 can experience PE in a fun way. Some year groups are able to work with a PE specialist during this week too.


School Sports Week and Competition


During School Sports Week which links with the PE and Sports Teams Youth Games week, children have the opportunity to compete in Level 2 competitions against other school children. Events include football, cheerleading, dodgeball, multi-sports, netball, rugby, panathlon, cricket, athletics, swimming, orienteering and rounders.

Devonshire takes part in level 1 competitions where children compete against children of the same age in school. Level 2 competitions take places where our children compete against children from other local schools during school time as well as out of school hours. Level 3 competitions are when our children qualify, after successfully getting through the level 2 competitions and competing against children from schools across Lancashire.


Sports Day


Year 1 and 2 have a Sports Day in the school grounds where parents/carers can come and watch their children participate in a range of throwing, jumping and running races such as obstacle races, long jump, javelin, cone collect, penalty shoot out, hockey slalom and speed bounce to name but a few.

KS2 children travel to Stanley Park and compete against children in their year group in a number of throwing, jumping and running races. Parents and carers can come and watch their children compete from the vaulted seats or from anywhere around the outside the athletics arena. Events include vortex howler throw, seated basketball throw, obstacle race, long jump, cone collect, relay, 300m and 800m. The day finishes in time for lunch when children travel back to school.


Extra-Curricular Clubs

 Each half term we offer a range of PE clubs some which change half termly and are taught by members of staff or PE specialists. Football, netball and gymnastics are offered all year round and include Level 2 competitions against other schools.

We also offer over the course of a year:


  • Athletics

  • OAA

  • Dance

  • Cheerleading

  • Fit 2 Go

  • Change 4 life

  • Multi-sports

  • Tag Rugby

  • Rounders

  • Sportsability (for SEND pupils)

  • Golf

  • Gymnastics

  • Multi-Sports

  • Netball

  • Football