Fluoridated Milk for Years 1-6

25 July 2016

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Blackpool Fluoridated Milk Scheme

Fluoridated milk is no different to normal milk, except it includes a tiny bit of fluoride, which is safe to drink and helps keep kids' teeth healthy, as part of a good dental regime. Fluoridated milk is safe to drink.

Tooth Decay in Blackpool

The level of tooth decay in Blackpool is really high and lots of kids are suffering because of it.

41% of 5 year olds in Blackpool have tooth decay (the England average is 28%). Every year, 400 kids are sent to hospital to have teeth removed. These figures are huge, and we have to do something to improve dental health in Blackpool.


Fluoridated milk has been offered to all primary school children in year 1 and above from 7 November 2016.

There is no additional cost to parents.