Big Maths

At Devonshire Primary Academy, we teach the National Curriculum through the intervention programme, Big Maths.

Big Maths is a teaching approach that makes Mathematics easy and fun. It has been extremely successful both nationally and internationally using daily ‘CLIC’ sessions and it provides us with an accurate, simple yet highly effective framework that guarantees progress across the key stages.

Fundamentally, this framework ‘CLIC’ (Counting, Learn-its, Its Nothing New and Calculation) is characterised by Progress Drives, which allow our children to develop their fluency in smaller, more manageable steps. Subsequently, teachers can explicitly and systematically teach to each child’s specific learning gap, bringing them closer to being on-track, meeting national expectations and all whilst making significant and rapid progress.

Weekly assessment is carried out in the form of ‘Beat That!’ challenges to ensure the children retain key learning goals every week, every question is linked to a step of learning and any incorrect answers provide an immediate and accurate indication of a gap in learning.

For every learning gap, teachers use the preceding skills to identify where their children need the support the most and work their way through the ‘CLIC’ challenges, of which there are nineteen. Typically, pupils will stay on a challenge for one term, improving their score each week as staff teach them new skills. After ‘moving up’ to the next challenge, pupils will only score 3 or 4 on the new challenge.

Weekly class celebrations for each child who beats their best score, gets full marks or moves up and gets promoted to a new challenge.