Children's University


At Devonshire Primary Academy we are active members of the national Children’s University programme, which aims to recognise and celebrate the learning children do outside normal school hours.  Each child who chooses to become a member of the programme will receive a “Passport to Learning” (which we keep in school) and be able to collect hours of learning from a range of school activities and from organisations outside school, which have been validated as providers of high quality, learning experiences.  Activities such as sport, swimming and music lessons, museum and theatre events and after school clubs qualify, as do learning activities at Brownies or Sea Cadets, for example.


The Children’s University co-ordinator in school will keep a record of hours gained and, at the end of the year, there will be a graduation event, where the children’s achievements will be recognised and celebrated.  If your child enrols this year then further information will be provided for them about the awards available and the number of hours required for each award.


We know many of our parents / carers make great efforts to ensure our children get involved in out of school activities and this programme is also a means of recognising this.  Your son/daughter has expressed an interest in enrolling with Children’s University this year.  If you would like you son /daughter to be involved, please complete the downloadable form below and return the slip to school.


We do ask parents to keep us updated of how many hours your child takes part in activities outside of school by completing one of the forms below. (Forms are also available from the school office.)


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling the school office and leaving a message for Miss Fitzpatrick.  It would be great if you updated us every half term!


Download Children's University Hours Sheet