We’ll meet again…

😢👋 Well, we’ve closed the doors of Devonshire Primary Academy. From Monday 23rd March we will only be open to a small number of children and a skeleton staff. We hope to be open again before the summer, but just in case, we made sure our Y6 children had an afternoon of fun, partying and happy tears! ⭐️

We are all incredibly sad about the school closures. Everybody, please stay safe during this uncertain time.

❤️ To our children – thank you for your resilience and continued enthusiasm over the past few weeks; you are all mini super stars!
❤️ To our parents, carers and families – thank you for your understanding, support and patience during this difficult time; we appreciate you!
❤️ To all our staff – thank you for being you; the most wonderful, caring, hard-working team.