Who ate all the Pi (3.14159 🤭)?!

This week was #MATHSWEEK at Devonshire Primary Academy! Thank you for your kind donations on #NUMBERDAY, which raised a mathstastic £207.29 for the NSPCC!
On Wednesday, every child was given the opportunity to take part in our very first games hall…and what a success it was! There was finger painting, hoola hoops and bean bags; a numicon city, cup stacking, money sorting, silly socks and even a mathematical Jenga!
Thursday saw the whole school come off timetable to take part in maths-based activities through the foundation subjects. Children learnt how to code in Computing; created tessellating stained glass windows in DT; made their own pyramids; excavated for old bones in History and jumped, hopped, skipped and orienteered their way through mathematical problems in P.E.