Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that every child is offered stimulating, awe- inspiring learning experiences, which provide appropriate challenge.  Devonshire Primary Academy’s core values are at the heart of the curriculum, ensuring the development of the whole child.

The curriculum is continuously evolving to respond to the needs and interests of the children by enhancing learning experiences through the ‘Imaginative Learning Projects’ and our cultural capital.  It allows children to develop, explore and apply the skills that they learn to a variety of different contexts and gives them a strong knowledge base.

Through parental engagement, we strive to raise the aspirations of our pupils and instill a sense of pride in their achievement as well as a purpose for learning.  We aim to equip our ‘learners of the future’ with the skills that they need for life beyond Devonshire Primary Academy and to inspire them to be ‘The Best That They Can Be’.

What the curriculum is designed to do:

At Devonshire Primary Academy, we have designed our curriculum with the pupils’ learning at the heart of it.  We recognise that a curriculum has not only to be broad and balanced, but also offer pupils opportunities to grow as individuals as well as learners.  Our key drivers when designing the curriculum were:

  • To ensure that children have opportunities to revisit and apply skills time after time
  • To understand the purpose and value of their learning in order to raise aspirations
  • To create a curriculum that excites, promotes and sustains children’s interests
  • To encourage parents and carers to engage and take part in children’s learning and experiences