The Honeycombers Out of Hours School Club

Formerly known as Devonshire Dragonflies, our new school club is named ‘The Honeycombers’.

Do you start work early, finish late or simply need a little extra time to your day?


Why not take advantage of our OFSTED approved Breakfast and After-School Club, where your children can play in safety and enjoy a healthy snack?!

Please ask at the academy office for a registration form and payment information.

Honeycombers Handbook 2021

Breakfast Club (8:00am – start of school day)

£3.00 per session

After-School Club (end of school day – 5:15pm)

£6.00 per session


*Pupils will be unable to attend the Breakfast or After School Club unless all sessions are paid for in advance.

**Devonshire Primary Academy has adopted a ‘no debts’ policy relating to payable services.  All payable accounts must be in credit at all times and the academy reserves the right to deny access to paid services (e.g. Breakfast and Dragonflies After School Club) if other paid services (e.g. School Dinners/Music Lessons) are in arrears.  Please refer to our ‘Bad Debt’ policy, which can be found on this website by clicking ‘Policies’, ‘School Policies’. 

***Unfortunately, we are UNABLE TO TAKE ANY CARD PAYMENTS over the phone or in the office. Parents must make all payments online at or at a local ‘PayPoint’ shop.