The Vision of Communicating


Our intent is that every child at Devonshire Primary Academy will be able to hold meaningful and clear conversations, with a wide-ranging vocabulary that assists them in all forms of communication including reading and writing.

We aim to support all children throughout the school with an improved and targeted universal offer.


All children take part in a daily vocabulary lesson and visual support through Widgit pictures (where necessary).

Subject specific vocabulary is embedded across the curriculum through the teacher modelling in context.  Contextual learning helps children to understand new words and supports them to transfer these into all areas of the curriculum.

Children who are assessed as having additional needs with regards to speech and language will be assessed by our Speech and Language Therapist who will give advice or therapy sessions as needed and also set targets for 1:1, small group or targeted class work.

Staff model the use of higher level vocabulary within their speech and expanding children’s vocabulary is a key focus from EYFS onwards.

EYFS will run the intervention programme NELI.  Identified children will take part in aspects of the WELLCOMM programme.


Children will be able to communicate and explain their thinking and actions with clarity and confidence.  Children’s spoken and written communications will be at age-related levels with regards to the vocabulary used.  Children will be able to identify common root words and see patterns emerge where words have the same root.  When faced with unknown vocabulary, children will be able to use the ‘circle of vocab’ to assist them in learning it.