Performing on stage for ‘Schools Alive’.

We performed at Highfurlong Special School.

Performing with other choirs at Blackburn Cathedral.

We came 3rd place in Blackpool Choir of the Year 2019!

KS1 performed ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’ at the July 2022 Shine Festival!

Captivating audiences with our musical talent.

Our KS2 Choir was so popular, we had to create a Mini Choir for our KS1 pupils too!

KS1 performed ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’ at the July 2022 Shine Festival!

As you can see, we’re used to performing in front of very large audiences.

Our Choirs have travelled around the country for different performances.




Music is an exciting and integral part of life at Devonshire Primary and we’re very proud to have achieved the ‘Music Mark’!

Music inspires creativity and fosters essential skills for developing confidence and self-expression.  Therefore we aim to provide a wide range of musical opportunities for all pupils through our ambitious Music Curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities (extra-curricular Choir Clubs are run weekly).

We appreciate Music through its many art forms and introduce our pupils to a range of genres from Baroque through to Blues.

How is Music is taught at Devonshire Primary Academy?

Music is taught weekly in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 through the ‘Charanga’ scheme of work.  Charanga has been recommended by the Blackpool Music Service and the DfE.  In addition, Blackpool Music Service provide weekly KS1 singing sessions and KS2 brass lessons.

Within the Music Curriculum, each topic is carefully planned to allow children to accumulate and continuously build upon their musical knowledge and develop their musical skills.

The Threshold Concepts (‘big ideas’) that underpin Music are:

  • Describing Music
  • Composing
  • Performing
  • Transcribing

Learning in each of the Threshold Concepts allows pupils to express and demonstrate their understanding of the ‘big idea’.  These ‘big ideas’ are returned to over and over again so that pupils gradually build an understanding of them and build upon existing knowledge.

Music Trips, Visitors and Workshops

We are always looking for opportunities to promote Music in school by organising performances, trips and visits and engaging with the wider school community.

Previous enriching experiences have included:

  • The Festival of Dance Performance
  • Au Revoir Performance
  • Choir of the Year Performance
  • Performing at Local Care Homes
  • Blackburn Cathedral Performance
  • Carol Concerts

Music at Home

Music has many benefits for good mental health.  Listening to music or singing along to your favourite tunes is relaxing and provides a good stress release.  Share with your children what you listened to growing up and your favourite musical styles.