Year 5 explored the history of Devonshire.

Year 2 explored how Blackpool grew from a small fishing village to a thriving town.

One of our pupils got really creative with their costume for Blackpool History Day!

Devonshire hold an annual Blackpool History Day to promote Blackpool’s heritage and legacy.




At Devonshire Primary Academy, we believe History provides all children with the ability to delve deeper and make connections to the past.  History aims to inspire children to actively explore different periods of time and cultures, in order to paint a bigger picture of how life today came about.  We teach children the skills required to be excellent, inquisitive historians; how to research and gather information, as well as how to question information gathered.  Children will have access to a wide range of resources to aid them in their discovery and opportunities across the curriculum to present, test and evaluate their historical knowledge.  Our vision is that Devonshire pupils leave our school with an increased confidence and understanding of historical facts, as well as an understanding of its influence on our day to day lives.

History Policy


  • To question historical events to further understanding.
  • Use should be specific and relevant vocabulary that is transferable to writing.
  • To promote a historical mind-set, where children want to research and investigate.
  • Set high expectations for children’s achievement.
  • Foster self-esteem and resilience.
  • Promote learning that is progressive and chronological through the curriculum years to ensure consistency.


  • Pictures and artefacts to be used to ensure engagement and deep understanding.
  • Historical investigations should be specific and meaningful.
  • Topics to focus on a significant event related to a specific time period.
  • Children will create and lead historical discussions, debating facts and opinions.
  • Children will discuss cause and effect and determine how Britain (and the world) has changed over time.
  • Children will study the heritage of Blackpool and their own heritage.


  • Understanding of the world’s chronology will be improved across the school.
  • Children’s ability to question and investigate history will be embedded.
  • Our pupils will use historical vocabulary to lead and partake in historical discussions.
  • The children will better understand their own heritage.

Useful Websites

Ask your children which of the buttons below they have looked at in class.  Pupils will focus on these buttons throughout their primary school education as they compare civilisations.  This will help them to make links throughout History.