Welcome to Devonshire Primary Academy


Thank you for visiting our website; we hope that you find it useful.  The website has been redesigned to give you an overview of the wonderful work that takes place in our busy Academy, an Academy that I am enormously proud of and one which I feel extremely privileged to lead.

At Devonshire Primary Academy every child is important and everyone is treated as an individual.  We place great emphasis on our ability to provide a secure, caring and welcoming environment in which everyone has pride in themselves and strives to achieve the highest possible standard of learning, behaviour and attitudes.

We endeavour to ensure that all children leave our care with a love of education and with the building blocks they need to become confident, life-long learners.  Our curriculum provides a balance of core skills enriched within a wide range of experiences and opportunities which enable all of our children to succeed, irrespective of circumstance.

Our dedicated staff, parents and governors all work together to make Devonshire Primary Academy the best environment for our children to thrive.

Mr Daniel Simm