The Sea View Trust – Board of Trustees

Devonshire Primary Academy is a member of The Sea View Trust, alongside Anchorsholme Academy, Park Community Academy, Revoe Learning Academy, Tor View Specialist Learning Community and Valley College.

Each Academy retains their own Local Governing Body which is responsible for the development of their own community.

The Board of Trustees for The Sea View Trust remains independent of the Governing Body for Devonshire Primary Academy, although both work closely to ensure that Academies are supported across the Trust.  Whilst the Trustees are responsible for raising and maintaining standards Trust-wide, they recognise that Governing Bodies are much better placed to manage these within their own Academies on a day-to-day basis.  A Scheme of Delegation (which can be found on The Sea View Trust website) has therefore been agreed so that effective governance can take place at a local level, with the Chairs of Governors and Headteachers regularly feeding back valuable information to the Trustees so that informed decisions can be made.

If you wish to contact the Chair of Devonshire Primary Academy’s Governing Body, please address post to:

Mr David O’ Brien
Devonshire Primary Academy
Devonshire Road

Annual Statement of Governance

Our Mission is to make a positive difference by putting children, families and the community at the heart of everything we do.

We were pleased to see that during our previous inspection Ofsted recognised our strengths in ‘Behaviour and Safety’ and ‘Leadership and Management’, with both categories receiving a ‘good’ grade.  We have continued to build on this foundation.  Ofsted also identified areas for continued focus, including guaranteeing consistency in ‘Teaching and Learning’, which continues to be a priority for us.  Therefore, we ensure that all our staff have access to high quality professional development in order to develop their skills at all levels, enabling maximum impact for our pupils.

Our Role as Governors is to: “Conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.”  Education Act 2002

Our core purpose is to inspire, expect and ensure exceptional standards, school improvement and service by:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the academy and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school, and making sure its money is well spent

We endeavour to instil our core values in every aspect of school life.  These are:







We recognise that a child’s life does not just fall within the parameters of the school building itself.  Building positive relationships with families and members of our local community therefore continues to be a crucial aspect of the work of our school as we educate the whole child.

As governors we recognise that reading is of fundamental importance in that it opens doors to lifelong learning and opportunities.  Therefore, we have invested heavily in training and resources including high quality reading books for all children.

Governors continue to be proud to be associated with Devonshire Primary Academy and continue to admire the dedication and tireless commitment made by the staff to enable our children to begin their lifelong love of learning.

Mr David O'Brien

Mr David O'Brien

Chair Of Governors
I have been a Church of England Minister since 2004 and held posts in Blackpool and Shrewsbury before returning to Blackpool in July 2019.  Prior to becoming a Vicar I lived in Blackpool with my family in Marton, Bispham, South Shore and worked in central Blackpool, so I know the town very well!

I have been involved as a governor across different schools since 2006.  From 2006-2008 I was a Governor at Kincraig Primary School, Blackpool.; between 2008-10 I was the Chaplain at Arnold School, Blackpool; from 2010 to July 2019 I was a Foundation Governor of Oxon CE School where I was chair of Standards and Curriculum.

I have always enjoyed taking assemblies, being involved in schools and working with the local community.  I am very much looking forward to serving as Chair Of Governors of Devonshire Primary Academy and serving our community.

Start: 01/01/21 End: 31/12/24

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 7/8

Mr Nic Hall

Mr Nic Hall

Vice Chair of Governors

Hello, my name is Nic Hall and I am delighted to have been promoted to Vice Chair of Governors at Devonshire Primary Academy. Previously I have been a teacher of English and SENCO at Lytham St Anne’s High School for 14 years and at Highfield Humanities College for 20 years. I have been retired now for three years but have missed my work with children, school and education and am pleased to be newly involved, particularly with Devonshire Primary. I already know a number of the staff and governors, some through my time as SENDCO, and some through my involvement with St. Thomas’ Church, where I have come to know several of the parents and children.

As a teacher I am well aware of the challenges of meeting children’s’ needs, particularly in Blackpool, where I feel the situations are unique and specifically in the area of our school, which has its own challenges as well as a vibrant, supportive community. I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, also teaching and learning as well as literacy. As an ex-teacher I have concerns for teaching staff and all support staff in the light of building pressures, workloads and economic constraints. This will always provide a background for my role as governor.

At a personal level, I am a keen Blackpool supporter, which I hope will not raise concerns about my state of mind! I am a guitar player and member of St. Thomas’ worship team and a lover of blues, jazz and country music. Finally, to paraphrase a seventies pop song, I really do believe that children are our future, and that education is pivotal to all we aspire to be; we need to make schools fun, safe and supporting as well as equipping young people for successful lives in our society.

I thank you for this opportunity to be involved at Devonshire Primary Academy.

Start: 22/03/2021 End: 21/03/2025

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 5/6

Mr Andrew Brannigan

Mr Andrew Brannigan

Staff Governor

Hi, my name is Andrew Brannigan and I have been a teacher at and governor at Devonshire for many years. I became a governor to represent the staff at the school but also to make sure that Devonshire Primary Academy offers the best environment for our children to learn to their full potential.

I have responsibility for Computing/ICT in school and report to governors on issues of e-safety. Another important part of my role is to support fellow governors with a greater understanding of the curriculum and pupil progress. I’m also able to feedback the pupils opinions on changes or issues within school.

For the past two years I have also represented the staff and pupils on the Blackpool Multi Academy Trust Board which meets to develop all four schools in the Trust.

Start: 11/03/19 End: 10/03/23

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 6/6

Miss Natalie Dean

Miss Natalie Dean

Staff Governor

Hello, my name is Natalie Dean.  I have been a teacher at Devonshire for five years.  I am thrilled to be serving as a Governor at Devonshire; it is a pleasure to work alongside such dedicated staff and teach such incredible children.

I am the Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader.  My goal is to constantly improve the standards of our teaching and learning here at Devonshire and ensure that the opportunities we provide for our children are the very best they can be!  I want to be an important link between our team of hardworking staff and governors and contribute to the development of our school, as we move from strength to strength in the future.

I am also PSHE coordinator within school; I am very passionate about providing valuable opportunities that will enhance the life skills needed to support our children’s futures as it is our job to help mould these wonderful young adults.  I have a responsibility for our School Council and Friendship Ambassadors also.  I work with the children to organise fundraising events for charities such as Children In Need, Comic Relief and Cancer Research.

I believe that pupil voice is paramount in making improvements to our school.  I am delighted to be able to share the ideas of the children with the governing body.

Start: 03/11/17 End: 02/11/21

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 6/6

Mrs Lynsey Whitelaw
VACANCY Staff Governor

Position Currently Vacant

Hello, my name is Lynsey Whitelaw.  I have been a teacher at Devonshire for ten years and worked at a local high school for five years prior.  Through my teaching experiences I feel I have a valuable insight into the needs of our children and the local community.

I joined the Governing Body to represent Devonshire’s dedicated staff, to continue to raise standards and contribute to whole-school improvements.  My goal is to ensure that the children of Devonshire receive a well-rounded education, which gives them the necessary life skills and opportunities to broaden their thinking through a range of experiences.

I am the PE Coordinator at Devonshire Primary Academy and I believe Physical Education is essential to provide our children with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a healthy active lifestyle and to develop physically, socially, mentally and emotionally now and for their future.  Through delivering and organising various PE extra-curricular clubs, trips and competitions, I understand and appreciate how much our staff go above and beyond simply delivering the required curriculum.  I believe the opportunities on offer for our pupils show how much our staff care about developing and nurturing the whole child.

Start: 03/04/20 End: 02/11/21 (Resigned)

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 7/7

Mrs Donna Abbott

Mrs Donna Abbott

Parent Governor

Hi, my name is Donna Abbott.  I am a parent of children who attend(ed) Devonshire Primary Academy for the past 11 years.

Recently, I have volunteered at a number of events within the academy and I am part of the current ‘Parent Forum’.  At present I volunteer at St. Thomas’ Church, helping the children and teenagers from within the local community at the various groups provided by the Church.

I decided to become a Parent Governor as I believe that a child’s education is a crucial part of their life, not only academically but also socially.  I look forward to discovering a little more about what happens throughout a working day at the academy.  I am also eager to begin working alongside the staff and pupils, as well as meeting with and talking to other parents.

Start: 13/02/19 End: 12/02/2023 

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 4/6

Miss Jaime Sim

Miss Jaime Sim

Parent Governor

Hi, my name is Jaime Sim and am a newly appointed Parent Governor.  My son attended Devonshire Primary Academy, between 2012-2019 and my daughter is a current student at the Academy.

I have always tried to take part in school life by attending as many events as possible, volunteering to help the children read in different year groups and I have also been involved with the parent forum.  I decided to become a Governor as I want to help the Academy be ‘the best that it can be’.

I believe that Devonshire Primary Academy is already a fantastic learning environment, with great potential to be truly amazing and the children deserve the best that we can provide.  My hopes and goals for the Academy are that the children are given the best tools to be able to excel in all areas and become wholesome, respectful and accomplished people.

Start: 14/11/19 End: 13/11/23 

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 5/6

Mr Simon Clark

Mr Simon Clark

Community Governor

Hello my name is Simon Clark and I became a Community Governor for Devonshire Primary Academy in 2020, so I am very new to the role. I have been involved in the locality around the school for the last 35 years through the local church and my work in Environmental Health.

My aim as a Governor is to:

  • support the work of the school team to deliver the best education for our young people in safe and caring setting,
  • challenge the school’s processes and procedures, so that the school operates in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

My hope is that all children who attend Devonshire Primary Academy will reach their full potential while they are with us and will look back with pride at what they have been able to achieve.

Start: 15/03/20 End: 14/03/24

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 3/6

Mr Chris Brambles

Mr Chris Brambles

Community Governor

Start: 01/09/20 End: 31/08/24

Meetings Attended in 2020-21 – 6/6

Pecuniary and Business Interests:

All minutes from the Governors meetings are available on request to the school office.